I know that most of us have been inundated by the media about the presidential election for the past year (maybe even more), and the last thing that we want to hear are the words “vote”, “poll”, “election” and some other choice related words left unsaid. However, there is more to voting than just heading to the polls every four years to support your presidential candidate. Local elections are uber important, and your voice matters!

After all, the President is not in control of your local community, your local elected representatives are. They are the ones deciding on real issues that directly affect your day to day life. These elected individuals are supposed to represent the voice of the people. But, when the citizens are not engaged and voting, there becomes a bigger and bigger gap between what the elected officials are working on, to what the people really want. Often this leads to small groups becoming a majority with interests that are not necessarily aligned with those of the people.



Photo Credit to Renee Silverman

“So what can I do about it?” Well, I am glad that you asked. We are thankful enough to live in a county with a proactive and informative Supervisor of Elections. Here are some key resources:



With the deadline for registering to vote for the general election looming on October 11th, it is best to drop what you are doing and get registered today!  You can register using the online registration form, but remember, you will have to print it off, sign it, and then drop it off at the Supervisor of Elections office (locations here).  Another great opportunity to register to vote is at a Voter Registration Drive.  There are two local drives happening soon:

  • Thursday, September 22nd at 11am – 1pm:  Eau Gallie High School – 1400 Commodore Blvd., Melbourne, FL
  • Tuesday, September 27th at 2pm – 3pm: Hibiscus Court – 540 East Hibiscus Blvd., Melbourne, FL
  • You can find more location on VoteBrevard’s Calendar of Events

Just be sure to take with you any of the required documentation to ease the process of registering.



If you have had any life changing events that have helped to reposition your outlook on life, now is a good time to update your voter registration.  You can update your name (congrats to you newly weds),  your address,  your party affiliation (or non-affiliation) and even your signature.  Contrary to popular belief, there are more than few political parties to choose from.  You can also make most of these changes in person at several locations across Brevard County.

Stay tuned for more information about voting and Satellite Beach.  See you at the Polls!

Your Voice Matters